About us

At FST, our aim is to invent technologies that fundamentally change how things get done. We’re a new kind of company for the new technology economy. We believe if we stay true to our vision, we can achieve great things.


We work on C#, Python, ROR, Oracle and SQL in verticals such as Pharma , Analytics and BI.


We value our entrepreneurial abilities as much as our technical skills. For us, getting it done is more important than sometimes knowing how to do it. That being said, we always put learning in the forefront and keep ourselves well equipped of major technological advancements required to achieve our goals.

Working With Us

We live in an increasingly global economy. There’s no getting around it. So, FST brings top talent from all over the world to achieve our business goals. They can live and work wherever they want, so long as they accomplish their goals on time. All our team members require is an internet access and the unique skills, abilities, and character we look for. 

Management Team

John Gram John Gram CEO

John Gram is an entrepreneur who has pioneered “The Automation of Knowledge”.

John is currently founder and CEO of Fuzzy Slipperz Technologies (FST), a software services and product development company whose core capabilities include the automation of data extraction, analysis, and PowerPoint generation, which is delivered to the client via email in minutes. He also conceived of, and introduced FST’s first product, TrialsVision™, in July of 2015. TrialsVision is a revolutionary software application specializing in the automation of clinical trial knowledge based on information found on the www.clinicaltrials.gov website.

Prior to FST, John founded and led J.T. Gram & Associates, Inc. (JTG&A) a strategic consultancy specializing in the commercialization of oncology therapeutics, diagnostics, and supportive care agents.

John spent over 20 years in the biopharma industry primarily in roles pertaining to market analytics, marketing, and business development and licensing. He was Director and Franchise Leader, Life Sciences at SmartAnalyst, a global strategic decision support consulting firm. Before SmartAnalyst, John led the Decision Support group for Biogen Idec. Prior to that, John was Vice-President of Marketing and Business Development at Novavax, a development stage biopharmaceutical company focused in cancer, women’s health, and vaccines.

John holds a Bachelor of Science degree, from Providence College, and received his Masters in Business Administration from the University of San Diego.

Rahul Mehra Rahul Mehra Head Of Operations

Rahul is a seasoned professional with over 18 years experience in the fields of project management, graphic design, web technologies and internet marketing. His experience encompasses building and managing small and medium sized teams for outsourced IT services.

Since 1998, Rahul has efficiently worked with c-suite professionals and entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their goals by leveraging skilled, low cost resources in India. Most of this was done via UGST, a company he founded in the year 2004 and actively managed its day to day operations as a CEO till the end of 2014. During his entire career, Rahul worked with international clients on numerous web and application development projects primarily in the fields of healthcare, telemedicine, ecommerce and real estate.

Rahul is also passionate about internet marketing and has over a decade’s experience with Google Adwords platform which he has consistently used for growing his own and his client’s businesses.

Since its inception, Rahul has been actively[nbsp_tc]involved in defining the road map for FST and both its products – TrialsFind and TrialsVision.

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